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Bruce Lee Podcast

Feb 28, 2018

Bruce Lee is a true warrior.

A warrior is often thought of in the physical sense, as a fighter and physically strong.

But it is possible to be a warrior in the mind, body, and spirit.

Shannon comes from a lineage of warriors and has been exploring what being a a true warrior means for her.

What does it take for us to become true warriors?

“The warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.”

There is no language about fighting or physical prowess in this quote, but what does Bruce Lee mean by “laser-like focus”? Laser-like is to put intense energy towards something.

To be a warrior is a big commitment in one’s life and Bruce put an intense, energetic beam of focus towards that goal.

For Bruce, being a warrior was actually about one’s growth and healing, and the combination of using your mind, body, and spirit in harmony toward the cultivation of one’s self.

Bruce was a warrior in the broader sense of life. Every day Bruce got up with the intention of working on himself, bettering himself, actualizing himself, and cultivating his own essence and energy. He did this in a way that benefited himself and everyone around him.

Bruce Lee was so committed to this laser-like focus that he was able to achieve so much in a short time, and seemed at times super-human. His embodiment of his warrior focus could be intimidating.

Becoming a true warrior is about taking action towards this path and living your life by your own warrior code. 

“Warriors have the discipline to change their behavior for the sake of honorable ends.”

The warrior path is not an easy path, it takes commitment, work, and effort. You will have struggles and failures along the way, and it will take time. You are shifting towards your more true self when you decide to pursue the warrior path.

“Not tense, but ready.”

For those of you feeling called to the warrior awakening, to start you have to have an honest assessment of where you need help, what you’re good at, your strengths, and your weaknesses. You have to have courage to pursue your warrior awakening; it is not an easy undertaking.

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