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Bruce Lee Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

“Thinking is rehearsing in fantasy for the role you have to play to society. And when it comes to the moment of performance, and you’re not sure whether your performance will be well received, then you get stage fright.

This stage fright has been given by psychiatry the name “anxiety”.

“What will I have to say on the examination?”

“What will I say in my lecture?”

You meet a girl and you think, “What will I wear to impress her?”

And so on.

All this rehearsing for the role you play.”

Anxiety has become a part of our culture and it can cause us to reach an impasse in our lives. What is The Impasse? What roles are we rehearsing? Are we living in the moment? In this week’s episode Shannon and Sharon discuss Bruce Lee’s essay on “The Impasse.”

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