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Bruce Lee Podcast

Jan 2, 2019

Happy New Year! To kick off 2019, Shannon and Sharon wanted to share their goals for the New Year and have a discussion surrounding creating goals, working towards them and maintaining momentum. When creating and pursuing goals it is important to have awareness, intention, clarity, and the will to take action. 

Bruce Lee was a man with many goals. He had big, visionary life goals and he also had smaller daily goals. Bruce believed that goals often just serve as a target and that the important thing about goals is that they give you something to work toward, but not to lock you down if something is not working.

Goals are as big as you want them to be to facilitate your dreaming, but it should not overwhelm you or make you feel trapped in any way, you should have freedom to pivot if needed.

Bruce had the big goal to share the beauty of his art and culture with the world. Initially, his path to this goal was to open martial arts schools all across the US, but this shifted as Bruce learned how he liked to teach, how to reach a broader audience and the logistics of actually running multiple martial arts studios. His path to sharing his art and culture with the world shifted to sharing through Hollywood movies. Bruce ended up having to go to Hong Kong to get Hollywood to notice him, but he finally succeeded. His big goal did not change, just the path to his goal changed.

The spiritual power of man’s will removes all obstacles.” –Bruce Lee

Know what you want. I know my idea is right, and, therefore, the results would be satisfactory. I don’t really worry about the reward, but to set in motion the machinery to achieve it. My contribution will be the measure of my reward and success. When you drop a pebble into a pool of water, the pebble starts a series of ripples that expand until they encompass the whole pool. This is exactly what will happen when I give my ideas a definite plan of action.” – Bruce Lee

Shannon’s 2019 Goals:

  1. Finish writing her book “Be Water, My Friend.”
  2. Execute in a full and complete way personal creative projects on an ongoing basis
  3. Change the way her business functions and grows

Sharon’s 2019 Goals:

  1. Optimum physical health.
  2. Creative Play.
  3. Get back to her own writing and writing whatever wants to be written.

The doer alone learns.” – Bruce Lee

What are your 2019 goals? We would love to hear from you!


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