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Bruce Lee Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

Thank you to all of our listeners for a wonderful year! In this episode Shannon and Sharon reflect on the lessons that they have learned in the past year. We want to encourage all of you to look back on the year and notice your progress. It is important to not only look forward, but to reflect on what we have learned. The end of a year is a good marker to reflect back on the progress we have made and we wanted to share the lessons we have learned over the past year with all of you.

Bruce Lee was big on learning: constant discovery, self-knowledge, growth, maximizing one’s potential, and self-actualizing. Bruce Lee was conscious and optimistic about continuing his own evolution.

Learning is discovery, the discovery of the cause of our ignorance. However, the best way of learning is not the computation of information. Learning is discovering, uncovering what is there in us. When we discover, we are uncovering our own ability, our own eyes, in order to find our potential, to see what is going on, to discover how we can enlarge our lives, to find means at our disposal that will let us cope with a difficult situation. And all this, I maintain, is taking place in the here and now.”

Sharon had some podcast episodes this year that really resonated with her, the first being “#99 Someone Real.” She has found herself returning to the concept of “being real” repeatedly throughout this year. Not everyone responded well to realness, but the ones that did were those closest to her, her husband, her kids, and close friends. She found that she was craving more of the “real.”

Bruce Lee sought realness and wanted to be someone real. This realness is the reason that he is so engaging and that we are still talking about him all these years later.

Shannon had a lot of learnings this past year around solid personal safety and self-love. She had realizations about feeling safe in herself and feeling grounded and centered in who she is; and then being able to go forth into the world as herself entirely.

Sharon found that the episode “#119 The Nature of Water” struck home with her. She has always had a strong spiritual connection to water, and this is one of the Bruce Lee philosophies she uses constantly. Sharon has found that any time she is in a sticky, challenging situation, she can always throw water on it. The water philosophy can come into any situation and always show a way through it.

One of Shannon’s big learnings for the year has been about consistent forward motion. Like her father’s philosophy surrounding the flow of water, Shannon has been cognizant of having less points of stagnation in her flow. She found that taking a rest was good at times, but when she finds herself going in circles, she has to take a step in any direction to get the forward motion she needs. Rest and Flow, rest and flow, has become a good rhythm for Shannon that has resulted in more productivity and forward motion.

Sharon’s third lesson came from the episode “#120 Letter to Pearl.” She had read this letter many times before, but when they did this episode Sharon felt a strong resonance with the section where Bruce described his spiritual realization of how he has a vital spiritual force within him. Sharon has felt this vital spiritual force build within her throughout this year.

Shannon’s third lesson for this past year was to hear her intuition as her own voice. Ideas and thoughts would pop into head and she would discount them because they came to her in her own voice. This past year Shannon as been working on hearing that intuitive voice instead of ignoring it.

“Daily discovery and understanding is the process of growth and learning. I am happy because I am growing daily and honestly don’t know where my ultimate limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery that I can obtain.”

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