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Bruce Lee Podcast

Sep 8, 2016

“Under the sky, under the heavens, we are but one family.” This week we discuss harmony. Harmony was an important part of Bruce Lee’s philosophy and the way he lived his life. He was always seeking connection over opposition and never needed to compare himself with anyone else. He truly believed that we are one family—black, white, brown, yellow, red—we are all one. Bruce Lee believed in the harmony of totality versus partiality. You need to be aware of your surroundings and relate to your surroundings, and this helps you be in harmony with yourself and the world. It is hard to learn about yourself in complete isolation, you need to live in the world. We also discuss the idea of "Harmonious Individuality." This is one of Bruce Lee’s core principles. It’s a fusion of Eastern and Western ideas. You can be a very unique individual and yet still be connected to and in harmony with the world around you. Being an individual does not have to mean that you are separate from your community or your environment. Separation is a false concept. “The oneness of all life is a truth that can be fully realized only when false notions of a separate self are forever annihilated. “ What can we do to help us live in harmony with our surroundings, our community, and ourselves? Try this test: Letting others be. Practice living in harmony by not saying anything negative about anyone else or yourself for 48hrs. If you try the 48hr test and want to share your experiences with us, tell us about it via social media @BruceLee or email us at #AAHA: Awesome Asians and Hapas This week’s shout out goes to Jenova Chen, videogame designer and founder of videogame company That Game Company. He created the beautiful, meditative indie videogame “Journey.” Unlike most console-based games, the point of Journey is not to gain points, blow up enemies or strategize for victory. Rather, it’s an emotional exploration on birth, death, collaboration and transcendence—the journey of life. It was inspired by Jenova's wish to alleviate loneliness and make meaningful human connections. It’s so heartwarming to know that a creator like Jenova is out in the world making his art. We think you’re awesome! #BruceLeeMoment This week’s Bruce Lee Moment comes from legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi. Christian says, “I wanted to be like Bruce Lee. I wanted to be a martial artist. I was going to be the best in the world. But I got introduced to skateboarding, and I was like, oh wow, this is something no one has done. I can actually be the Bruce Lee of this sport. I wanted to be the dominator. I wanted to smash people like Bruce Lee did. I wanted to be the best, and that was my goal at 10 years old.” Share your #AAHA and #BruceLeeMoment recommendations with us via social media @BruceLee or email us at