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Bruce Lee Podcast

Jul 27, 2017

We had our first live taping of the Bruce Lee Podcast last Thursday, July 20th celebrating the podcast’s one-year anniversary and honoring the 44th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing. When we started the podcast a year ago, on July 20th, it was to commemorate that day with a beautiful remembrance of Bruce Lee and the gifts that he left behind for all of us. The podcast format allows us to discuss Bruce Lee’s philosophy more in-depth and share his legacy with everyone for free. Special guest Osric Chau joined us for the event and shared his experiences completing the Bruce Lee Podcast Challenge, shared his thoughts on Bruce Lee, and gave an #AAHA shout-out. Osric Chau was born in Vancouver, his father is from Hong Kong and his mother is Malaysian. He trained in Wing Chun for many years and wanted to be a stuntman, but was discovered and his first film was Kung Fu Killer (2008) with David Carradine. Since then he’s been in 2012, What Women Want, The Man with the Iron Fists, and was in recurring roles in Supernatural and now on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. We were lucky to have Osric join us for the evening before heading down to Comic Con in San Diego. For the podcast challenge we asked people to complete three action items (listed at We asked Osric to complete the challenge and he graciously said yes. He said this about his overall experience: “I loved it, this was probably one of my favorite things I’ve done in recent memory. It literally changed my life and I think it will continue to change my life.” He’s decided to incorporate the challenge into his life and continue doing the action items! Osric shared with us some of his affirmations: - “Today’s my day, tomorrow’s someone else’s. I will make the most out of every minute to the fullest of my capabilities.” - When confronted with an obstacle I will see it as a challenge to accomplish my goal in a better and creative way; it’s an opportunity to think outside my box.” - “Smaller Goals. I will focus on and set smaller goals for today, goals I can start and accomplish today. Smaller goals that lead to my larger and more ambitious goals.” For the “I would feel better in my body if…” action item, Osric thought at first he didn’t have anything to improve since he already eats well and exercises, but then realized he hates stretching. Realizing this is his weakness; it took Osric all week to remember to do stretches, but then after thinking about it often he found himself stretching while watching TV or doing something else. This is similar to how Bruce Lee would do his stretches, while reading or doing something else. In the final action item, the Harmony Challenge, “Letting others be,” Osric thought it would be easy since he considers himself a cheerful, kind person, but then he realized how much he enjoys gossip. When sitting in the makeup trailer people enjoy gossiping and he used to join in, but during this challenge the extra awareness made him step back and not participate in the gossip. Instead of wanting to put others down, he wants to raise people up Thank you so much Osric for joining us for the live event and for participating in the podcast challenge. We know that just by sharing your challenge experience you’ll inspire many people out there with your vulnerability and sharing your journal and experiences. #AAHA Osric’s Awesome Asian and Hapas nomination goes to Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiani. Kumail is known for being on Silicon Valley and stars in the movie “The Big Sick,” (in theaters now!) which he co-wrote with his wife Emily about their relationship. It’s possibly the first movie to star a Pakistani actor in the lead role and it’s getting excellent reviews. Osric says he’s seen it once already and loved it and is thinking of seeing it again. Kumail, we think you’re awesome! Share your #AAHAs and #BruceLeeMoments with us at Find the full version of our show notes at