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Bruce Lee Podcast

Jul 11, 2018

“The void may be said to have two aspects:

It simply is what it is.

It is realized; it is aware of itself. And to speak improperly, this awareness is “in us,” or better, we are “in it.””

Void = Nothingess = Emptiness = The Origin of Things = Tao

The first form of the Void where ‘it simply is what it is,’ is to cultivate an acceptance of reality as it is; to engage in simplicity and everyday mind; to simply be with acceptance and without force. 

The second form of the Void is aware of itself – this is a more developed sense of emptiness, an emptiness where we are “of it” or “we are it.”

Join Shannon and Sharon as they discuss the practice of finding your path, knowing yourself, and freeing yourself.

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